Design, implement and assess learning experiences that incorporate use of technology in the curriculum-related instructional activity to support understanding, inquiry, problem-solving, communication or collaboration.

Assess students' learning/ instructional needs to identify the appropriate technology for instruction.
Evaluate technology materials and media to determine their most appropriate instructional use.
Select and apply research-based practices for integrating technology into instruction.
Use appropriate instructional strategies for integrating technology into instruction.
Select and use appropriate technology to support content-specific student learning outcomes.
Develop an appropriate assessment for measuring student outcomes through the use of technology.
Manage a technology-enhanced


STANDARD V Reflection:

This lesson plan was confusing because it flipped flopped through two different seasons. I like it because it allowed you to add different books and websites that you would use for your lesson plan. Although I have composed lesson plans before, I have never created a lesson plan in which I had to incorporate the actual technology websites I used. This was a more lengthy lesson plan because it involved special education, ESL, and well as the gifted.