tee_bird.jpgMy name is Anitra LaNee' Prather and I am senior at Bowie State University. I am an Elementary Education major and I currently work at a child development center. I enjoy working with children and believe that teaching children is my calling. I reside is Glenarden, Maryland with my grandmother, and two cosuins. I started college at Morgan State University, and decided to transfer to Bowie State my sophomore year. I am especially interested in children and family. It is fun to explore with children because each child possesses a unique quality. I have recently developed an interested in mentally challenged children. It is interesting to see how much they progress over a period of time. Family is also very important to me. Throughout my years of school, family has been my backbone. Family is the foundation to success. I also enjoy bowling and listening to music.


As an educator it is my responsibility to prepare children for the future. I must educate children so they are ready to deal with real life experiences. I believe learning should be fun and I understand not every child learns the same way. In a classroom setting I will be faced with many challenges. There will be students with different learning styles, different attitudes, and different family backgrounds. As an educator it is my duty to take each challenge and successfully educate each child. Just as education is an opportunity, so is teaching. I will take my opportunity and use it to my best ability. As children learn from me, I will also learn from them. My passion has become my dream, and my dream has become my career!